Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

This page contains workshop reviews from previous customers. Please note that this site is growing, and more reviews will be added soon.

Anancy Stories

"Well-prepared developed and extended through the stages- Reception, Year 1 and Year 2" ~ Evelyne Potter – Headteacher Brocklewood Infant School

“Pitched just right. The language was in their range- there was time for them to talk. No one was restless. It was great” ~ Year 2 Teacher – Brocklewood Infant School

“Thought the storyteller was really good. Liked the participation of the children and was simple enough for them to understand.” ~ Year 1 Teacher from Sycamore

“Lots of interaction with the children & plenty of props to keep them interested. Good reinforcement of the moral of the story” ~ Mrs Dent - Coppice Farm

"The story [was] told with lots of opportunities for children to join in actions. Good moral tale. Built on other Anancy stories the children have heard" ~ Judith Chapman - Teacher - Radford Primary

"The actions in the story kept children interested" ~ Y2 Teacher

"[I] liked the way that the props were used" ~ Y3 Teacher

"It fitted in very well with the Yr6, the liked it and enjoyed it so much" ~ Y6 Teacher, Sycamore Primary School

"Good for children to learn about different kinds of stories" ~ Y3 Teacher

"Children fully engaged and listening to stories from different backgrounds / countries" ~ Y4 Teacher

"Suitable for upper KS1 or lower KS2. Children enjoy listening to stories from different backgrounds. Fits in with the English framework" ~ Y4 Teacher

"Yes I would [recommend it]. It was very enjoyable, it encouraged the children to talk & take part and could be extended afterwards in the classroom" ~ Y2 Teacher, Brocklewood Infants

African Folktale

“It was a lovely mixture of acting, storytelling and music/singing that they could join in with. Just the right length per activity and they really enjoyed it.” ~ Year 5 Teacher – Radford Primary School

“I think it was appropriate for the children. I like how they put in the bit about alcohol so that the kids have some awareness of what alcohol does to the body” ~ Parent – Sycamore Primary School

"...if you go and see this workshop you will dance and sing and play lots of instruments and a drum" ~ Y5 Pupil

"It will be great because I have watched it before and it was also very funny" ~ Y5 Pupil

"You should watch this workshop because it is funny to watch and at the same time you learn about things" ~ Y5 Pupil

"Good fun + interactive" ~ Y3 Teacher

"It is fun and really interesting and it had lots of information and you will really like it" ~ Y5 Pupil

" get to use instruments and sing and dance" ~ Y5 Pupil

"...there is lots of thing you can do and learn everytime and also what you cannot do everytime" ~ Y5 Pupil

"I would say please watch it, its amazing your gonna love it trust me" ~ Y6 Pupil

" the tale because it's a good workshop and your going to learn a lot by it" ~ Y5 Pupil

" was lively and engaging with a good message for young children (all ages)" ~ Y3 Teacher

"I think it was appropriate for the children. I like how they put in the bit about alcohol so that the kids have some awareness of what alcohol [can] do to their health" ~ Parent, Sycamore Primary School

Caribbean Food

“The children enjoyed the food tasting experience and were engaged” ~ Melinda Amos – Headteacher Butlers Hill Infant School

“I would recommend this workshop as it encourages acceptance and understanding of different cultures.” ~ Year 6 Teacher

“The children really enjoyed the food activities.” ~ Year 4 Teacher - Albany Junior School

“Touching and tasting the food really engaged them.” ~ Year 3 teacher

"[I enjoyed] Lots of stuff. I enjoyed tasting the food" ~ Y1 Pupil, Butler's Hill

"Lots of new and unfamiliar foods introduced, can be linked to the learning in other curriculum areas" ~ Mr O'Leary - Teacher, Sycamore Primary School

"I enjoyed the lady coming because she was very kind and let us taste Caribbean food." ~ Y3 Pupil

"...I think it will be a good idea for other pupils to get to learn about it and try the food" ~ Y3 Pupil

"Children enjoyed the food tasting and the feely box" ~ Y1 Teacher, All Hallows

"[I enjoyed] putting my hand in the box and tasting the coconut" ~ Y1 Pupil

"[I enjoyed] tasting the food and guessing what was in the box" ~ Y1 Pupil

"Great interactive, good nature with children, some information" ~ Y2 Teacher

Multicultural Games

"[The workshop] Got the children on their feet and moving" ~ L Hopkin - Teacher - All Hallows

"Games had lots of running and energy in, exciting to do games from other places, fun" ~ Y3 Pupil

"[I enjoyed] all the games because they were really fun and interactive" ~ Y6 Pupil

"I enjoyed 'poison' because it was really fun" ~ Y6 Pupil

" Thought it was well organised. The children enjoyed the variety of the games." ~ Year 3 Teacher Rosebrook Primary School

Great Black Inventors

“Relevant, well delivered and interesting.” ~ Year 4 Teacher – Burford Primary School

“I would recommend this workshop- it’ll make you ask questions that you would not have thought to ask.” ~ Year 4 Teacher St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

“Very informative. It opens your eyes to how many things were invented by Black people.” ~ Year 4 Teacher Scotholme Primary School

"Excellent historical links to current machines/equipment and life skills which promote success" ~ Y5 Teacher, Burford Primary

"Engaging, interesting and eye-opening" ~ Y6 Teacher

"Very interesting - fairly interactive" ~ Y3 Teacher

"[I enjoyed] How it fitted together as a story - very interesting" ~ Y6 Teacher

"It [is] very important to see how black people invented things and suffered" ~ Y5 Pupil, Radford Primary

"It was very interesting for me I thought it was really good" ~ Pupil, Radford Primary

"I enjoyed it and I learned so much that I didn't already know like so much black inventors" ~ Y5 Pupil

"...relevant, well delivered and interesting" ~ Y4 Teacher, Burford Primary School

Separate Is Never Equal

Reviews Coming Soon...

Celebrating Mixed Heritage

“Very good as dealt with taboo issues.” ~ Student -Bilborough College

Jamaican Folk Songs

“Brilliant. Presenter[s] were enthusiastic. Children love the guitar playing” ~ Miss Booles – Teacher – Brocklewood Infant

“Lovely presentation. Very good use of map and overhead projector. Loved all the songs” ~ Y2 Teacher – Brocklewood Infant

“I thought that this workshop was good because it was different from what the children are used to” ~ Y1 Teacher – Brocklewood Infant

“They liked it and joined in where they could, so it was at a level they could be involved and not worry” ~ Mrs Gunn – Brocklewood Infant

Life of Mary Seacole

“It was really fun to learn about Mary Seacole and never give up” ~ Y5 Pupil – Carlton Central Junior School

“It was great and packed full of information and I learnt lots. I only have heard the name Mary Seacole but to learn lots about her it was very interesting. I loved the activities” ~ Y6 Pupil – Coppice Farm

"Enjoyed it. Liked the audience participation (Mary Seacole + soldier)" ~ Y1 Teacher

“Short enough to keep their attention” ~ Y3/4 Teacher – Coppice Farm School

"Good to see the story acted out" ~ Y2 Teacher

“Go and see it because it was brilliant and you get to do things like be a soldier” ~ Y6 Pupil – Carlton Central Junior School

“I think it was very good and engaging. Cool multi-tasking in the play.” ~ Y6 Pupil – Coppice Farm

"Our pupils really enjoyed it and found her an interesting and inspiring figure from history" ~ Y5 Teacher, Radford Primary School

“Children enjoyed what they were doing” ~ Y2/3 Teacher - Coppice Farm

"Presentation was really good" ~ Teacher, Berridge Junior School

"Really suitable for black history month. Well done" ~ Teaching Assistant

"A nice way of informing children about Mary Seacole" ~ Year 3/4 Teacher, Berridge Junior School

"Even after half term holiday children were brilliant at recalling facts" ~ Year 3/4 Teacher

"...Told children information we hadn't covered in class" ~ Y5/6 Teacher

Life of Harriet Tubman

“It was a good introduction to Harriet’s life and it also gave a positive message relating to setting life goals and being determined to achieve them. This makes it relevant for Black History and also PSHE topics e.g. goals.” ~ Year 5 Teacher Berridge Junior

“I thought it would be very hard going to try and get a group of teenagers to be interested in something that happened so many years ago and to be honest it wasn’t until you bought it to life that I saw the transforming effect that it had on the teenagers. Thanks a million, fantastic, magical, are just some of the words that were branded about after you presented the story of Harriet Tubman for our Black History Month project.” ~ Youth and community leader from Preston

“I think it was very relevant due to the diversity of cultures within the school” ~ Miss Slack – Y4 Teacher – Sycamore Primary

“The children in Yr5 got a lot of information out of the presentation. They googled Harriet Tubman and made PowerPoints about her in their ICT lesson afterwards” ~ Y5 Teaching Assistant

“I would [recommend this] because it helped me to learn about Black History Month and it is interesting” ~ Y5 Pupil – Forest Fields

"Excellent - all children engaged in the performance" ~ Teacher, Radford Primary

"Simple, moving and thought-provoking" ~ Judith Chapman - Teacher - Radford Primary

"Good insight into the life of a slave - expressed feelings well" ~ Y4 Teacher

"Beautifully acted" ~ Teacher

"[I] really enjoyed it. I already knew a little about her but this filled in the gaps" ~ Y3 Teacher

"A performance which encouraged children to think about equality, presented simply at a level easy for children to understand. The children thoroughly enjoyed it" ~ Y4 Teacher

"It helped the children to empathise with her life as a slave" ~ Y3 Teacher

"Would recommend because provided good information and feelings. A good insight into the life of a slave" ~ Y6 Teacher

Life of Sojourner Truth

“I liked the way she included us. I liked the songs she did. I liked the activities she did” ~ Y6 Pupil – St Anns Well Primary



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